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I have always been someone who loves incorporating technology into their daily life, which is probably one of the reasons I found myself in a bad situation a few months ago. I realized that I was struggling with a home automation system that didn't quite gel with my lifestyle, and it was really discouraging. I knew that I needed to go through and completely update my home, so I started focusing on streamlining technology. This website is all about using available technology to improve your daily lifestyle, and knowing how to make everything work well together. Check it out! Some of these tips could help you today.


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The Benefits Of Quickbooks Enterprise For Your Small Business

QuickBooks Enterprise software is the most recent edition of the accounting software applications. The new edition's interface is similar to the previous editions, QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premiere; however, the newest option is a more type of complex software. QuickBooks Enterprise is built as a desktop installation, but it can easily be adapted to cloud-hosted or through an internal network, which allows for remote access. Here are just a few of the benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise software for your small business.

Subscription Levels 

One of the best benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise is that it's available in three different subscription levels so that you can choose the best option for your small business. All subscription levels come with free technical support, 100GB of data backup, free online training tools, and a free upgrade to the newest version upon release. The different levels include:

  • Silver subscription is the basic level. The silver subscription comes with all of the core features except the advanced inventory, advanced pricing, and intuit's enhanced payroll add-ons.
  • Gold subscription includes all features of the silver subscription as well as intuit enhanced payroll. For a small annual fee, you can have direct deposit for the payroll of all your employees. The fees are not per individual; it includes as many employees as you want to include.
  • Platinum subscription includes all of the features of the silver and gold subscriptions plus advanced pricing modules and advanced inventory. The platinum version also allows you to manage multiple locations, barcode scan, track inventory information, and create pricing rules for customers.

Data Security

One of the best benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise cloud is data security. The cloud security ensures you that should anything happen, such as a power surge or outage that causes your hard drive to crash, all of your business information is secure in the cloud. Cloud hosting is an excellent way to protect your business's important files and data. The cloud-hosted security protects data on a remote server with a range of security methods, including anti-virus, anti-malware, and firewall and two-factor authentication.

Collaboration in Real-Time

Client collaboration is essential for most accounting firms. With cloud technology and QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, accountants and bookkeepers and employees can simultaneously log in for client collaboration of online files. It also allows you to securely work remotely because it is updated in real time. You can easily and efficiently manage cash flow and send multiple reports and customized invoices.

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting software is a secure and cost-effective way to store all of your data. All operations are automated on the cloud, so once your employees are trained on the platform, it will be easier and faster for everyone in your business to sort files, contact clients, and do reporting. The software also allows you to see all of your financial information in real-time.